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Our objective:

The Liberty Institute, an independent, non-profit think tank, leads Empowering India, an initiative that attempts to empower voters with information about their candidates, constituencies, and political parties. The objective is to encourage citizens to actively participate in the democratic process, as well as promote transparency and accountability in politics. Empowering India is an outcome of a realization at the Liberty Institute that good public policy ultimately originates from a better understanding of the processes that shape democratic politics and influence governance.

The election information and candidate affidavit information on this web site have been compiled from the Election Commission of India's web site. We have tried to compile the information with utmost care. However, given the huge volume of data, and paucity of resources and time at our end, it is possible that some errors have escaped our attention. We will greatly appreciate if any such error is brought to our notice. In case of doubt regarding any data, please visit the web site of the Election Commission of India www.eci.gov.in

For authenticity of information, always consult the Election Commission of India

Empowering India and Liberty Institute will not be liable for any error on this web site.

         Did you know that the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, declared financial assets worth Rupees 4 crore in the 2004 state elections whereas in the affidavit filed for 2008 Karnataka assembly elections to the election commission, he disclosed Rupees 40 crore?

         The present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Sushri Mayawati, declared assets worth over Rupeess 50 crore in 2007, when she contested for a seat in the UP legislative council, but when she had contested the election for the Lok Sabha in 2004, she had declared assets worth Rupees 5 crore.

         In the 2004 general election, about 1,000 candidates out of over 5,000 had declared assets of over Rupees 1 crore. But only 136 of these crorepatis actually made it to Parliament. There are over 800 MLAs around the country with declared assets over one crore.

Empowering India


We did not know these facts either, until we compiled the data filed by the candidates in their affidavits in the assembly elections in different states across India. Welcome to EmpoweringIndia.org, an initiative of the Liberty Institute, New Delhi. EmpoweringIndia.org is a platform created on the Internet that allows citizens and civil society groups to access data about their elected representatives, and state and parliamentary level constituencies. This data can be used towards various ends, beginning with making informed choices about which candidate to cast your vote for, to holding the elected representatives and the political parties in your constituency accountable for the deliverables that they have promised in the elections. Currently, EmpoweringIndia.org consists of data pertaining to the financial assets of candidates who have contested assembly elections in different states in India and information concerning the revised delimitations for constituencies in the states. This data is being used to arrive at various kinds of analyses that are eventually useful for individual citizens and for organizations working in the sphere of governance. Our ambition is to continuously add more information that citizens and grassroots groups will find useful in a variety of ways, eventually fostering a more democratic, accountable and transparent polity. In summary then, our objectives are:

         To empower citizens and grassroots organizations with information about their candidates and constituencies

         To enforce the freedom to choose by presenting different kinds of analyses concerning candidates, elected representative and political parties, which citizens and people’s groups will find useful in making their electoral choices at the time of elections

         To foster a culture of transparency and accountability in the governance of constituencies

         To enhance participation on the part of both, the electorate and the elected, in the everyday political processes.


We Need You!

EmpoweringIndia.org is an initiative that requires active participation and support from you as an individual and from the organizations that you may be part of. It largely depends on you contributing more information to the site, informing us about the latest developments in your constituency, helping us compile various forms of data, and using the information for dissemination and/or analyses.Enclosed is a separate sheet detailing the tasks that have to be carried out in each state in India in order to initialize operations and to sustain the use of EmpoweringIndia.org.

What is in this for you?

If you are an organization that is interested in partnering with us on EmpoweringIndia.org,

         Collaboration with EmpoweringIndia.org will be locally relevant in that the information on the site will be of immediate importance to the groups you are working with. This will help you to build on your local network further by enlarging your support base and enhancing the effect of your outreach activities.

         We will add your name among our list of partners and host it on EmpoweringIndia.org. In addition to this, we are open to adding a link to your website on our page and/or provide contact details for your organization;

         You can use the data on EmpoweringIndia.org for your publications as well as for writing articles/columns in the media. We would appreciate however, if you could simply credit the source of the data, i.e., EmpoweringIndia.org, so that more and more people can visit the site and make use of it;

         We can offer a minimum honorarium for assistance with translation and compiling of the affidavit data.

Please remember, this is not simply an initiative of the Liberty Institute. By partnering with us on enlarging the scope and reach of EmpoweringIndia.org, this becomes your initiative too. Together, we can make the difference!

About Liberty Institute:

Liberty Institute is a non-profit, liberal think tank based in Delhi, established in 1996. We are non-partisan, in that we do not ally with any particular political party. We are committed to deepening the idea and practice of individual freedom, rule of law and freedom of choice. We undertake a number of activities, chief among them are research and advocacy on public policy issues. Our area of interests spans across development economics, education, environment, health, security, trade, political democracy and electoral reforms.

For queries and further details, please contact,

Liberty Institute,

C-2/13 Sahyadri

Plot 5, Sector 12, Dwarka

New Delhi – 110078

Tel: 011-28031309

Email: info@empoweringindia.org

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